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Scalable Smart Contracts. Decentralized Applications. And easy-to-use tools to build your next project in almost any programming language. Introducing the Zerium Applications Environment [ZAE] on the smartest, most advanced blockchain in the world.

Superior Blockchain System

At its core, Zerium is two blockchains that sync with a shared address through the Zerium Application Environment, which is supported by PoW and PoST mining. This means superior security and stability, greater decentralization, and true immutability. In other words, a stronger digital financial ecosystem.

The Most Advanced Virtual Machine

The Zerium Application Environment is a decentralized virtual machine that can be used with many developer-friendly languages. When you stake with Zerium PoST, you get free access to the ZAE developing kit, so you can write, test, and deploy without the expensive gas fees of other platforms.

The Ultimate Smart Wallet

The IO Smart Wallet is a flexible multi-token wallet and (future) multi-crypto payment gateway. That means you can transact using a total balance of several assets, and settle them with a single BTC transaction, without manually swapping each. ZAE tools are also built directly into the wallet with IO technology, so developers of any level can conveniently create, distribute, and manage DApps, or even deploy on a sidechain, directly from the wallet.

Zerium Roadmap

  • MARCH 2017 - Initial Idea

  • APRIL 2017 - Conceptualization, mapping & Market Research

  • june 2017 - Technical feasibility study

  • august 2017 - Blockchain development

  • october 2017 - Testnet deployment

  • november 2017 - Mainnet and syncing protocol test

  • december 2017 - Miscellaneous development


Zerium is the world’s first dual-blockchain to employ a decentralized application environment. Whether deploying DApps, Smart Contracts or simply transacting, Zerium is more secure, more flexible, and more resistant to attacks than other platforms.

Zerium is a system of two blockchains that sync and work together for more stability, better decentralization and efficiency for DApp development, plus dynamically adjusted mining capacity. Zerium’s unique architecture also brings increased security and anonymous transactions, thanks to zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-SNARKS).

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement written directly into lines of code and enforced across the Zerium network. With Zerium, smart contracts can be written by anyone, in almost in any programming language.

Just like applications on a desktop computer, DApps are applications deployed on a decentralized blockchain that can perform any function you can imagine and code. With Zerium, developers can create DApps in almost any programming language, and deploy them without any fees.

Zerium is mined using Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake-Time (PoST). Zerium’s unique PoST both generates interest and grants access to ZAE development tools.

ZRM will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.


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Carlos Reglero

CEO And Cofounder

Hugo Teijiz

CTO And Cofounder

Nicolas Bracigliano

Managing Director Australia

Fernando Garcia Gutierrez

Managing Director España

Nicolas Pepe


Christian Lopez


Facundo Gregori Battista

Core Developer Leader

Maria del Carmen Canosa

Community Manager

David Tovar

Community Manager

Carlos Graterol

UX / IU Designer

Diana Iturriza

Web Designer

William Hughes

Marketing Director

Diego Baranowski

Senior Consultant Colaborator

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